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We provide reliable insurance, retirement plans, and safe money investments for homeowners & senior citizens. Our products ensure that your family remains protected and never faces a financial crisis. Meanwhile, we also provide our agents with customized contracts and resources to boost insurance sales in order to protect their loved ones.

At FFL Strong Tower, as our name indicates, we’ve chosen to partner with Family First Life. Not only because they have the same mission that we do: Make the families we protect and the families of our agents our top priority. But also because Family First Life is proving everyday that if you will follow the plan, you will be a success.

We work with some of the top insurance carriers, including Americo, Mutual of Omaha, and others, to provide you with personalized service and quality coverage options. You can have peace of mind knowing that our team will ensure that your loved ones are taken care of financially if an unfortunate event occurs.


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Indexed Universal Life Insurance

Homeowners and Seniors in the U.S. Face Many Risks, But So Do Truckers 500,000 Trucks are Involved in Accidents Every Year. Truckers are Also at Great Risk for Obesity, Heart Disease, & Several Chronic Health Problems.

There Needs to be an Institution Specifically Catering to Needs of Truckers, Homeowners, & Senior Citizens!

Family First Life-Strong Tower Offers Reliable Insurance & Safe Money Investments For Homeowners & Senior Citizens!

Protection for You Your Family & Your Assets

Protection for You, Your Family, & Your Assets

In case of an accident or emergency, your loved ones and property will be protected.

Coverage for Your Final Expenses

Coverage for Your Final Expenses

So your loved ones don’t have to bear this burden.


Safe Money Investments for Truckers

So your family is taken care of when you’re gone.


Policy as an Asset

Our policies never lose value and make you money. Our Term policies offer up to a 100% return on premiums, and our Whole Life and IUL policies gain cash value.


Get 100% Premium Back

If you don't utilize any of the benefits on a term policy, you will receive up to 100% of the premiums paid.

We Know You’re Worried About Your Retirement, Mortgage, Family & Assets, As Well As Final Expenses in Case Something Happens to You. We Have Helped Hundreds of Clients Overcome These Worries...
Let Us Change Your Life for the Better Too!


Over 20,000 Americans rely on us.


We provide help when it is sorely needed, like retirement and final expenses.


We provide nationwide coverage - No matter where you are located, we will find a provider for you.


We have been a top-ranked insurance provider for 50 years.

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Client Reviews

Emanuel Mendiola
Emanuel Mendiola
Mr. Kevin Alexander and his team are the absolute best! I was given all the information I needed to make the best coverage decision for me and my family. Mr. Alexander has expert insight and is able to make the entire process simple and easy. Best of all, I was approved in a matter of minutes and coverage started immediately. I strongly recommend FFL Strong Tower for any insurance and coverage needs!!
Charles White
Charles White
Very professional.
David Plinske
David Plinske
As we got different quotes on insurance's my wife had previous field experience, we found Kevin to be extremely honest and forthright.
David Simmons
David Simmons
FFL Strong Tower and Hammer Lane Consultants are very informative and helpful. They will shop around to find you the best rates and coverage available.
Bailee Verdin
Bailee Verdin
Simple, quick, professional service. I didn’t know getting covered could be this easy.
CL Hendricks
CL Hendricks
Ethical and really care about the client.
Tod Gurley
Tod Gurley
Very easy. Put my mind at ease getting protected.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    A. Your premiums are based on the coverage amount, your age, and your health background.

    A. Return of Premium or ROP means that if you don’t use any of the benefits on a term policy, you will receive up to 100% of the premiums paid over the entire term.

    A. A Return of Premium policy is great for homeowners or anyone who only wants term coverage. Without the return of premium, the insurance company gets to keep all the premiums you paid over the years, but you get your money back with the return of premium coverage.

    A. An IUL is an Indexed Universal Life policy that stays with you your entire life. The policy gains in cash value with compounded interest, separate from your death benefit. You can add money into the cash value side to take advantage of the interest rates, and you can withdraw from the cash value Tax-Free. Qualification is usually a little more strict for these policies.


    Stop Worrying About Your Family, Your Assets, and How You Will Manage the Final Expenses! Let Us Put Your Mind at Ease with Comprehensive Insurance & Safe Money Investments. Click the Link to Learn How We Can Help.