How To Sell Mortgage Protection

In his training video below on how to sell mortgage protection, Jonathan Porcena makes a couple of important points. In addition to showing respect to everyone in the room so as to get everyone in the room on your side, he points out the importance of finding out about their health.

After asking about their mortgage, amount still owed and length of time for payoff, he makes a point of asking about their health. There is nothing worse than running a quote, finding a product they like and can afford, only to find that they don’t qualify because of a health issue. Don’t just accept the pat “oh, I’m good”. Instead, get some specifics. Ask about heart and lung problems, kidney and liver issues, neurological and mental disorders, as well as diabetes and associated ailments.

By getting a bit more specific, you are more likely to find out right up front if there is likely to be any blocks on them qualifying for the type of coverage they want.

#1 Producer Training By Jonathan Porcena


The premise of a mortgage protection is utilizing the value of a home, equity within it, and the pain of losing it if an income producing family member dies to sell life insurance.


In-Home Presentation

Paul McClain – Mock In Home


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Grady Polcyn – How to Sell Insurance


“What most people do is they want to put something in place, so that if they died or became disabled yesterday, money would come into the family today to take care of the mortgage.”


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How To Sell Mortgage Protection To Seniors

Watch the training video with Mickey Taylor teaching this concept…

A policy that gives their beneficiary 6-12-18 months of mortgage payments so the family has time to decide what to do with the house: Move in, rent, sell, or wait to sell if the market is down.

Find out what the monthly payments is, then multiply it by 6, 12, 18 to show them three options…Talk to your manager about which carriers to quote.

How To Sell Mortgage Protection Like Frank E.

Frank Eufemia is a Hall of Fame Producer and one of the best at selling Mortgage Protection in all of FFL. 

This is his Americo HMS 25yr CBO presentation. It’s the best way to sell MTG protection leads – He is the best in the company, watch this, study this, learn this.

—> This was recorded LIVE at the Dallas Convention in 2018 and the next week I wrote $5K in a day from watching this. Enjoy 🙂

“We can’t decide right now but if you were to qualify, which option would be the most comfortable for you?”