Dial Days Your Key To Success

Success Starts on the Phone

Here are a few tips on how to be successful and it all starts with Dial Day. At Family First Life, through trial and error, it has been determined that Mondays and Thursdays are the best days to set aside for working the phones, setting appointments, and getting ready to get out into the field. Thus, when we talk about “dial days” we are talking about those two days of the week.


How to Have Successful Dial Days

First thing you need to remember is that “Dial Time is a Real Job”, and you need to treat it as such. Even though you are independent, and don’t answer to anyone for your time, success takes dedication. Here are a few tips for a successful Dial Day:

  • Get Your Leads Ready –
    • Print out your leads
    • Get your leads arranged by county, city/zip
    • Separate your leads by type: Facebook, CRM, Instant, etc.
  • Have Your Tools Ready –
    • Have your phone script(s) ready
    • Dial Tracker Form
    • Final Expense Cheat Sheet
    • Appointment Info Sheet (if working leads from a spreadsheet instead of printed leads)
  • Get Your Head in the Game – Distractions will destroy Dial Day, so
    • Shut the door on the kids, the dogs, the wife, the husband, etc.
    • Turn off the TV, etc.
    • Get focused
  • Start on Time –
    • Power Hours or the Hottest Time: 7:30 to 9:00 am
    • Evening Dial Times: 5:30 to 8:00 pm
  • Dial Three Times –
    • 1st dial – don’t leave message
    • 2nd dial – don’t leave message
    • 3rd dial – leave message, the simpler the better

Remember: Dial Time is a Real Job

Other Dial Day Tips

Get a burner number so that the phone number that displays can be set to match the area code for the area you’re working. Whether you have an iPhone or Android phone, you’ll find any number of apps that will allow you to have multiple numbers.

Make sure you know the name of the person you’re dialing. Not much than fumbling with the name or saying the wrong name when the phone is finally answered.

Mix up your dial times. If you’ve been unable to reach some leads in your morning dial time, work them in the evening, do some dialing between appointments the rest of the week.

Work those leads until they give out. Remember, you paid for those leads, so you might as well work them until you get each one settled in some way.