Overcoming Objections


Anyone who has made any sales presentation knows that overcoming objections is one of the most valuable tools in your toolbox. However, if you are new, you would be wise to watch the videos by these top performers on how to overcome the many types of objections you are likely to encounter.

Grady Polcyn – Get the Voided Check


Important Point: No matter what type of insurance you are selling, the minute you walk in the house you have to set the stage. In this case you are going to head over to the kitchen or diningroom table.

Matt Smith – Social Security Close


Important Point: “Whether you knew it or not, you are in the most dangerous time in your house” if they have a 30-year mortgage and are too young for Social Security survivorship benefits. Make sure to point this out.

Nick Stahl – Policy Cancellation Calls


Important Point: Nick Stahl offers some great ideas on how to deal with those who want to cancel their policy. This points out that overcoming objections goes beyond the initial in-home appointment.

Matt Smith – Already Have Coverage


Important Point: If they already have coverage through their job, depending on their state, anything over $50K will mean their beneficiaries may have to pay income tax. Also, when you retire, your will lose that life insurance

Nick Stahl – I Need To Think About It


Important Point: Use the carrot and the stick. If they like the quote, then you take it away with: “If we can get you approved for that, is this going to be something that’s affordable?” Then tell them, they need to think about it.

Paul McClain – Future Draft Dates


Important Point: Future Draft Dates will keep you from meeting goals in competitions, challenges, and promotions. Learn how to avoid just folding on those future draft dates when in-home.

Julius Gilgur – Four Main Objections

Whether you are in-home or dealing with a client after the policy has already gone into effect, overcoming objections should be part of your Agent Toolbox.

Also, when using any of these ideas, make them your own. Practice them so that when you encounter them, you can counter them with confidence and knowledge.