New Agents

Welcome to New Agents

So you’ve joined Family First Life Strong Tower and are ready to get started. To help both experienced and inexperienced new agents, follow the recommendations below to get connected, plug in to the training calls, and start watching the recommended videos.

Get Connected

  1. Join Private Facebook Group: HERE
  2. Join the Nation’s Group HERE
  3. Join the FFL Corporate Email Blast: HERE
  4. Text  your email address to this phone number 817-313-3977 to be added to Strong Tower’s exclusive text and email message blast system

Staying Connected = Success


Connecting via the Team Zoom Calls, the Facebook groups, and the other venues is a sure way to learn, grow, and see your business succeed.

ZOOM Training Calls

At FFL Strong Tower we have two different types one ZOOM training call every week, for both new agents and active agents. In these calls, you will connect with other agents, receive valuable training on a wide variety of topics from leaders in the organization.

As a reminder, we’ll post a reminder about 15-30 minutes of the Zoom meeting. That’s in addition to the reminders that will be posted the evening before on the FFL Strong Tower Facebook group, as well as 30 minutes before the meeting starts. All reminders will provide the Meeting IDs and Passcodes for access to the meetings.

Thursday 7:30 AM Call for Active In-Field Agents

On Thursdays at 7:30 AM FFL Strong Tower and Kevin Alexander host a Zoom Training call.

All agents are encouraged to make every effort to attend these calls. The information shared is always the most up-to-date with what is going on in leads, in-home scripts, and new insurance carriers and products.

Zoom Meeting Reminders

We will usually post a reminder in the Facebook group the night before these Zoom meetings. Then 30 minutes before the meeting starts, we’ll send out another reminder by text and by email.

New, Unlicensed, in-Contracting Agents

The 7:30 AM Thursday Zoom meetings are for ALL, including new hires, whether they are pre-test, unlicensed, or licensed and waiting on contracting. These calls are filled with practical advice on leads, phone scripts, appointment setting, overcoming objections, and the in-house presentations.

If you are serious about changing your life and earning top income all while helping and protecting people, then you do NOT want to miss this meeting. The value of what you will learn here, when combined with your determination and drive, will be what takes you to the winners’ circle as a top producer in Family First Life Strong Tower.