Downloadable Forms

Forms and Product Information to Download

The downloadable forms and product information sheets below are free to print off and use. Many of the forms in this collection of Business forms, Production information, and Phone scripts can be used to create your Agent Handbook. Others are designed to help you track your business activities and keep track of your progress.


Downloadable Business Forms


Optional Client Handouts


Appointment Presentation Folder

  1. Appointment Client Info Sheet – Fill out while setting appointment, then attach to front of manila folder. The rest of the items below go inside the folder.
  2. Original Lead Sheet – Optional if provided by Lead Source.
  3. In-Home Agenda – Step by step guide to a proper  in-home presentation.
  4. Providers Sheet & Financial Inventory
Include any of the Optional Client Handouts, depending on the type of appointment

Kevin Alexander, VP of FFL Strong Tower, uses an Appointment Presentation Folder like the one to the left. He takes this into each home, and uses the In-Home Agenda as a guide to the entire presentation.

He includes the original lead sheet, especially if it is one that contains the client signature where they requested the information.

This folder will follow the client through the appointment, the sale or refusal, resetting an appointment, etc. Once the final outcome is determined, it will then be filed appropriately.


Share Your Downloadable Forms

If you use a form that you have found to be helpful, but don’t see here, please consider sharing it with the rest of the team. Send a .jpg, .doc or .pdf to If you have a phone script that you think is the BOMB, share it too.

Of course, any downloadable form that you might submit, will be thoroughly checked and must have approval by the VP before being uploaded for widespread use.