Phone Scripts

Using phone scripts can make the difference between success or failure in this business. Using a script means that even the most inexperienced, first-time caller, can book appointments and handle objections like a pro. Of course, at FFL Strong Tower we recommend only using those scripts which have been proven.

Live Dials Using Phone Scripts

Below are a few videos by leaders in Family First Life sharing what they have done to be successful.

Watch – Copy – Succeed

Live Dials Using Phone Scripts

Paul McClain – Live Dials

Tray Honeycutt – Live Dials

You can be great at this business and that is solely a function of your desire to dial the phone…

It’s Time to Be Great.

Matt Smith – Objections

Jordan Lowery – Phone Tips

Grady Polcyn – Cementing The Appointment

  • Get agreement 
  • Clear calendar 
  • Then offer two times
  • Then confirmation #
  • Then house color, 
  • Big dog/gate?
  • #’s in house or mailbox?
  • Then confirm time again
  • Then tell them you are adding it to calendar
  • Then say: “I look forward to meeting you and helping you”

THE SECRET: Control. Control. Control.

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Making Phone Scripts Fit You

We’ve all received those phone calls where it was obvious the caller was reading a script, as what the caller’s words were hesitant, awkward, and disjointed.

Don’t let that happen to you. Make the script your own. For instance, if saying “Perfect” just doesn’t feel right, switch it to something that fits you, like “excellent”, “great”, “okay!”. You’re not changing the content and the particulars, you are just making it your own.

That’s why it cannot be emphasized enough to practice, practice, practice. You will quickly discover which words just flow off your tongue, and which seem to cause you to trip almost every time you try to say them. Don’t fight it. Tweak it, rework it, without changing the substance, and make it your own.