Aggressive Compensation Plan

Compensation Now Tops 145%!

What is an aggressive compensation plan and how does it work? Afterall, whoever heard of making more than 100% compensation? For most people, especially those new to selling life insurance, simple math tells them that there’s nothing more than 100%. However, at Family First Life, compensation really does go beyond…way beyond.

Aggressive Compensation Plan as Explained by Family First Life President

At Family First Life we offer aggressive compensation. Our comp plan tops off at 145%, well above the industry average. We believe in the producers being able to net as much money possible off of their personal production. Raises in commission are given every two months based upon issued paid productivity.

“You do the majority of the work, so you should get the majority of the money.” ~ Shawn Meike, President Family First Life


More of the Insurance Carriers Advance

How the Aggressive Compensation Plan Works

You take the monthly premium and multiply it by 12 (months) to get the full Annual Premium. Say your compensation is 90%, you then multiply .90 by the total annual premium to get your commission on that sale.

Most insurance carriers will advance 75% of that 90% commission right up front. Then in months 10-12, the final 25% of the commission will be paid out.

In the illustration below, based on a $1000 annual premium and a 90% commission, within a few days of submitting the policy and the first premium being drafted, $675 would be deposited into your account.


The main reason for FFL’s aggressive compensation plan is the agents. Without our agents, families would not get the coverage they need.

In fact, if you are an active insurance agent considering Family First Life, if we cannot give you higher compensation than what you are getting now, then you should feel very comfortable where you are currently. In other words, we are absolutely confident that you are not going to find a better compensation program anywhere.