Advanced Sale Concepts

To increase your closure rates, and to take your business to the next level, you absolutely need to watch these videos for Advance Sales Concepts. Each of those teaching have reached certain levels of expertise in selling and business building. Most have actually built their own agency, trained hundreds of successful agents, and take time out of their busy schedules to create these teaching videos.

Take advantage of these videos, and you can even find a wealth of Family First Life training videos on YouTube. Watch them more than once until you have these concepts down pat.


Matt Smith – Mortgage Protection Close


Mortgage Equity Close


You will usually encounter three different categories of clients:

  • Can’t afford full mortgage protection
  • Unhealthy
  • Single, with not significant other

That’s why you’ll want to start with a financial inventory, then point out what other people do in the same circumstances.


Most older and unhealthy individuals don’t have a large net worth; in fact, for most, their net worth is wrapped up in their house. Watch the video above by Matt Smith to learn the best advanced sales concepts to help every one you can.

Using the Cash Back Option: a Major Selling Point


Learn which of our providers offer that cash back option, and which of these products will work for your clients, based on their age.

Take note of the chart that Nick Stahl demonstrates so that you can use it in your cash back close. Also learn how the simple truth of the psychological impact of writing in different sizes.


Nick Stahl – Cash Back Close

Your success is entirely dependent upon the amount of effort you put forth. If you will make the effort to learn Advance Sales Concepts like those demonstrated on these and other YouTube videos, discussed in our weekly Zoom meetings, and taught at the free conferences around the country, then you WILL be a success.