Providers And Products

Just to clarify “Providers and Products” is talking about the Insurance Companys and the various Insurance Products and Plans they offer. Family First Life has established excellent relationships with some of the best and most reputable Providers in the industry, who offer some of the best insurance products possible. This translates into happy customers and greater success for FFL agents.

Complete Product Breakdown BY VP, Grady Polcyn


With Family First Life you will find not only the best providers in the nation, but some of the best insurance products. The quality of both makes the job of selling insurance extremely easy.

In addition to the quality of the providers’ products, the training is exceptional. All of the training is provided by those who have feet-on-the-ground experience, and not someone with just a degree but no actual in-home experience.

Underwriting Guides for Carrier Products

Underwriting Guides and Cheat Sheets

Step 1: Check Final Expense Cheat Sheet

Step 2: Check Underwriting Grids

Step 3: Check Application Health Questions 

Step 4: Check Carrier Underwriting Guide 

Step 5: Still Unclear, call your manager

You Can Do This!

Agent Tools

Make it easy on yourself and print out all of the underwriting guides and cheat sheets and add them to your Agent notebook. You will find yourself referring to them many times, especially when you realize just how much time they will save you during in-home presentations.

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