Surancebay Instructions

The following SuranceBay Instructions hopefully will help you access this vital tool for becoming a success in Family First Life Strong Tower.

SuranceBay is the easiest and quickest multi-carrier contracting automation system. It is fully synchronized with multiple data-sources giving producers and agencies an automated way to seamlessly perform functions related to licensing, contracting, and appointing producers.

Since SuranceBay is a one-stop shop, it benefits both the carriers and providers by providing a central location for all the information carriers all ask for on prospective producers: demographic info, licenses, background questions, E&O insurance details, etc

For producers the convenience goes beyond the average of 7 minutes that it takes for fill out the required information. Once completed, the producer is then ready to request carrier-contracting paperwork for any of the 460+ different carriers that SureLC™ supports. Approved producers can then use this portal to submit changes, making sure agencies have your most up-to-date information on hand at all times.

For more SuranceBay Instructions, and information on how it benefits you, the producer, click here.

Getting Started with SuranceBay

After you click on this link for SuranceBay, you’ll want to refer back to this page for SuranceBay instructions.


My Profile SureLC

Once you have logged in to SuranceBay, then you will see your back office. (See pic below)


Please make sure all of the “My Info” section is completely done before requesting carriers or it may delay appointments. You must have a current AML/Limra.

Go to “My Appointment Requests” and request the carriers, fill out requests fully. 

It will state BGA and then CARRIER. Please keep an eye on this process. 

If the request stays more than one business day at BGA, please let me know and I will check on it. 

IT SHOULD NOT SAY PRODUCER – that means it’s still in SuranceBay.

Please keep in mind, I cannot see in your SureBay.

Also, if you click once on CARRIER, you may see a note from the carrier.

Once Approved, you will get an email and a welcome letter.

It will not alert me, I will not get any updates, so make sure you contact me and provide me with your agent number!

To check on the status of your appointments please call the CARRIERS:



Please contact me if you have any questions!

Clover Alexander – Contracting Specialist
Family First Life Strong Tower
(817) 296-4720