Trucking Accident Statistics


Every trucker should be, and may already be, aware of trucking accident statistics, although they may not know the exact numbers. What they will usually know is that trucking and being a trucker is dangerous and requires a special type of fortitude to face that danger every day.

Five Quick Trucking Accident Statistics

1 – Mechanical defects, including tire and brake problems, cause the majority of trucking accidents.

2 – Contrary to popular belief, substance abuse is rarely the cause of truck crashes.

3 – Speed and the distance required to stop factor most frequently in truck accidents.

4 – Major roads see 52% of all semi-truck accidents, while only 32% occur on interstates and freeways.

5 – Weekends are the safest days of the week for truck drivers with only about 16% of truck accidents then.

Trucking Is a Risky Profession

8th Most Dangerous Job


In fact, trucking is the 8th deadliest career one can go into. It’s not as dangerous as logging or fishing, which are the two deadliest professions, but it is a bit riskier than being a farmer or rancher.

Trucking Is a Risky Profession


Trucking Traffic Accidents


According to trucking accident statistics, approximately 500,000 semi-trucks, tractor trailers, 18-wheelers, will be involved in a traffic accident every year. Unfortunately, as more and more trucks are traveling the highways every year, those numbers are increasing. Here are a few more traffic accident statistics that you should be aware of:

Trucking traffic accidents have increased by 52% since 2009

74% of traffic accident fatalities for passenger vehicles involve a semi-truck.

One-third of all truck accidents are caused by tire defects

19% of trucking accidents occur between 12:00 PM and 3:00 PM

When a traffic accident occurs involving a big rig and a passenger, 68% of the fatalities will be the passenger vehicle occupants.

What these statistics don’t show is the long-term impact on those left behind when their trucker/provider becomes one of those statistics

Injuries from Big Truck Accidents


Every year approximately 130,000 people are injured in trucking accidents, with injuries usually severe, requiring medical attention, and often more than one surgery. Typical injuries include back and neck injuries, spinal cord and whiplash damage, as well as internal bleeding, broken bones, and head trauma.

Males Most Often Injured in Large Truck Accidents

Trucker men

It should not come as a surprise, since the majority of truckers are male, that 97% of truck drivers injured or killed by big rig-related traffic accident are men. Since there are only about 20,000 women truck drivers compared to the 3.5 million male truckers, it only makes sense that nearly 100% of truck drivers who die in truck-related traffic accidents are men.

Hazardous Cargo and Fatal Collisions

Approximately 4% of all fatal collisions involving big rigs also involves some type of hazardous cargo. While flammable liquids, which can ignite or explode, pose the most risk, other types of cargoes are also dangerous when involved in a traffic accident. Aside from the obvious combustible liquids, trucks also transport explosives, flammable solids, radioactive materials, oxidizing substances, and plain old explosives.

Collision With Another Big Rig the Most Dangerous

Collisions between one or more tractor-trailer rigs ranks as the deadliest type of traffic accidents or vehicle accidents. In crashes between big rigs, 74% will result in someone dying. In fact, 30% of all work-related deaths and 12% of injuries are due to truck wrecks.


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