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6 Factors That Affect Your Life Insurance Premiums

If you think life insurance is expensive, you are not alone; you need a robust financial plan & due mitigation of financial priorities to actualize the importance of a financial safety net. 

First Life – Strong Tower & Hammer Lane Consultants conduct thorough sessions with our clientele to streamline suitable insurance policies to match income yet significant payout. While the information that insurance companies require may seem intrusive at first, you will realize how these factors count into the future of your policy.

1. Life Expectancy

Insurance companies look at the ratio of your age to statistical life expectancy to lay out insurance plans for you. If you have excellent health, seldom get sick, and start young in life, that will bring your premiums down. But if you took the post-retirement route at 60 above, you might be expected to pay a heftier premium.

2. Gender

Apart from Montana, the entire US has different rates for genders, and one may get lower than the other depending on statistical rates of early life insurance payouts. Those with the probability of passing away earlier as a demographic may have to invest more.

3. Family Relationships

Yes, your family’s history in terms of stability & future relationships also plays a significant role in your insurance quotes. If you are looking into joint coverage as a newlywed, the rates are too high, and it would take both partners to pass before the policy can be availed. Hence, term life insurance for singular coverage is a better idea.

4. Medical History

Applicants who have specific ailments & are considered risky clients because insurance companies know they will secure a payout sooner. Apart from the usual life insurance stereotypes, when applying, you will be expected to provide the results of a life insurance medical exam, medical records, & prescription drug history.

If you have risky behaviors like recreational drug use or smoking carcinogenic substances, that can affect your insurance premium & bump it to a higher rate. Your hereditary health will also be considered if you have recessive or dominant genes for certain potential neuro- or motor-degenerative diseases.

If an insurance company foregoes an extensive medical history, again, the premium bumps up in light of limited information. If you withhold critical information, you could have your life insurance policy canceled altogether.

5. Lifestyle History

Your driving habits, criminal records, nature of the occupation, risky recreational hobbies, & even credit score will have a heavy impact on how much you have to invest at either age & gender. High-risk occupations demand higher premiums.

6. And, Of Course, the Policy Type!

Term life insurance is much more inexpensive than permanent life insurance but won’t have the payout on par with the latter. Permanent life insurance tends to compound to quite an impressive payout over time, so that loved ones can manage the remaining debts & see some financial stability after the difficult times as a policyholder passes.

The amount of coverage selected also influences your premiums, and so do the little custom coverages, called riders. These avail you & your loved one’s exception in payout conditions before the policy holder’s death.

Policy & insurance are the last things young people need to think of, but life is unpredictable, and having a financial safety net is enough to quell fears of uncertainty. 

Family First Life – Strong Tower & Hammer Lane Consultants provides dependable insurance plans & transparent consultations for homeowners, fleet operators, & senior citizens in Bridgeport, TX.

Never let these factors sway your resolve for a better, more secure future!